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Our Planet

Sustainability is a key element in making our world a safer place to live. And we've seen innovative efforts implemented through our food chains, our transportation, our homes, and now through our search engines. Ecosia plants trees for each search conducted on its website and needs your help to reach one billion trees planted by 2020.  Hear all about Ecosia's journey and how you can help.

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Our Children

Iowa University Children's Hospital is located right next to Kinnick Stadium, home of the Iowa Hawkeyes football team. Every Saturday, at the end of the first quarter, the fans and players turn towards the hospital and wave to the cheering children. This "wave" has gone viral on social media; however, there is a much larger story behind the scenes that will leave you truly inspired.


Our schools

Critics raved over the Netflix original series based on the popular East Mississippi Community College football team. And while the players certainly had obstacles and hurdles coupled with athletic success, the real journey was that of guidance counselor Brittany Wagner. Following the show's second season, Brittany Wagner left to follow her own path, and it all started with a simple question. 


Our neighbors

In this day and age, technology brings everything and anything to your doorstep with simplicity and convenience. And in 2014, Saasha and Tessa Celestial-One decided to bring a "light bulb" idea to reality, which led to sharing and saving thousands of food items each week. Learn how you can join the food sharing revolution. Hear our exclusive interview today!

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Our movement is just starting, and we're looking for advocates, and most importantly individuals that will help spread and inspire. We're looking for passionate individuals to interview, we're reaching out to dedicated organizations, and we need your help to move forward and onward. Join us and be the example.

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Podcasts are surging in popularity, and we want our conversations to be convenient and simple for our community to access. Over 42 million people listen to podcast on a weekly basis. And with individuals listening to podcasts on-the-go, at home, and during their commutes, we want our conversations to become a part of your routine.



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